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Stained Glass Cat Window Hanger Decoration

Stained Glass Cat Window Hanger Decoration

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1、Environmental Protection: The stickers are reusable and do not contain glue. Before sticking, spray some water on the window surface. The water will make them stick better.
2、Double-sided Image: The personalized cat sticker is double-sided, so you can see the image from both sides of window. Suitable for all kinds of glass window decoration and car decoration.
3、Personality Pattern: The colorful cat sticker can be attached to the corner of the window. When your pet sees this sticker, it will be very curious.
4、Item Size: About 14*22cm, they can resist sun and frost damage.
5、Easy to Clean: Easy to peel, not damage glass or adhesives, not leave traces of glue, will not cause permanent damage to the window. Easy to clean than ordinary window stickers.

Material: PVC
Size: about 14*22cm/5.51*8.66in
Weight: about 24g
Uses: Suitable for all smooth surfaces, such as glass windows, mirrors, refrigerators, sliding glass doors, cars.

Package Content:
1 x Window Cat Sticker

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