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20ML Essential Oil Rehydration

20ML Essential Oil Rehydration

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Capacity: 20ML, 50ML, 100ML

[Essential oil flavor] Sandalwood, Ocean, Green Tea, Rose, Lavender, Poison, Paul, Jasmine, Cologne, Osmanthus, Lemon

With the gradual improvement of modern living standards, more and more people are beginning to use cars as a means of transportation. Regardless of new and old vehicles, we often have the feeling that when we open the door and enter the compartment, a strange smell comes out, making people uncomfortable. The compartment space is small and the air circulation is not smooth. Interior items, occupants' body odor, inferior fragrances, smoke, gasoline, etc. will pollute the air, which may damage your health in severe cases.
Car aromatherapy adopts natural volatile aromatherapy method, adding plant essential oil to the crystal car aromatherapy bottle made by Seiko, so that it naturally diffuses slowly in the car to achieve the purpose of aromatic environment, sterilization and deodorization and refreshing.
Fresh air, aromatic deodorization, remove odor. Suitable for use in cars or indoor environments.
Twist and unscrew the bottle cap, inject 10 ml of aromatherapy essential oil into the bottle, install the cotton core and sealing ring, and then tighten the cap. Use double-sided tape to fix the aroma bottle at an appropriate horizontal position, keeping the bottle mouth upward. Please pay attention to keep the bottle mouth upward during installation to prevent the essential oil in the bottle from overflowing.

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