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XiaoMi MITU Engineering Crane Building Blocks Toys Simulate Car

XiaoMi MITU Engineering Crane Building Blocks Toys Simulate Car

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MITU building block
Do in the hands, a different sense of accomplishment.
1/16 anti-true reduction 360-degree rotating console Flexible steering device Lifting telescopic boom Steady support foot.
Panoramic rotation. Build an unlimited experience
The 360-degree rotating console gives you a real-world control experience. The large-disc gear designed specifically for the crane, combined with the precision transmission of the gear assembly, can be rotated at any angle. Objects of different weights, rotating and jumping in the air due to the control of the fingertips.
Pulley block seconds change magical boom system
Use the pulley at the top of the boom to support the sling to hang the weight. The length and inclination of the boom change the lifting height and working radius.
Different past steering devices
According to the Ackermann principle, the four-wheel steering system adjusts the forward direction of the crane by connecting the test directional bars to control the front and rear wheels to turn at the same time, and the crane then obtains a smaller steering radius.

Package included:
1x block set
Steady support foot
The same load-bearing device as the real car, the connecting rod can adjust the stable support feet, balance the body, and strengthen the lifting device to ensure the lifting action smoothly

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