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Flytec V002 2.4G RC Boat Vehicle Models Simulate Crocodile Toys

Flytec V002 2.4G RC Boat Vehicle Models Simulate Crocodile Toys

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Basic information Brand:Flytec
Power system ESC:brush
Transmitter Frequency:2.4G
Battery: 4XAA battery(not included)
Battery: 3.7V 500MAH
others Charge time:2-3h
Using time:15min
Control distance:30m
Proportional control:proportional control
Dimension Size:32*17*12cm
Package size:39*20*12.5cm 

1.2.4GHz remote control, the remote control distance is farther, and many people use it without interference.
2. The resin simulates the animal's head and its shape is realistic.
3. Forward and backward four-channel operation of left and right rotation, imitating the real exercise speed and movement, freely moving on the water.
4. Low-voltage protection, when the voltage is too low, the speed will automatically drop by 40%, reminding consumers to recall the remote-controlled boat
5. The water-inducing paddle shaft is in contact with the water surface. After the fluid is sensed, the power can be quickly turned on. At the same time, the balanced double-coil slurry is used to make the speedboat sail more smoothly and without fear of overturning.
6. Waterproof performance is good, the charging port is equipped with rubber waterproof plug, the bottom of the ship is fully enclosed and waterproof.

Package included:
1*RC Car
1*Rechargeable battery(built-in)

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