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Solar LED Floating Ball 3 parts

Solar LED Floating Ball 3 parts

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This set ball floating solar light is a perfect addition to any pool, pond or fuente.Las lights LED ball come with a solar panel with pica tierra.Sólo have to do the simple and easy installation. Each ball of sunlight is made of durable plastic, which allows light to provide years of uso.La light turns on automatically when oscurece.La light duration depends on the conditions meteorológicas.Por usually can last 8 hours with the 3-hour solar radiation. Powered by solar energy, solar lights balls are used to replace traditional bulbs for the protection of the ambiente.Además, you do not have to pay the electric charges of these lights as they are paid by the energy solar.Es really a only investment that brings permanent returns. 3 Pieces LED ball light and resistant to UV 1 rays white energy saving hot solar panel with ground spike a set PP / durable plastic material, shockproof LED / pc 100% waterproof and submersible diameter of bowl: 9.5 cm power Source: Solar 1pc rechargeable AA pre-installed 1.2 V / NI-MH 600mAh breakers; This set of ball floating solar light consisting of 3 pieces LED lights balls and a solar panel ground rod is a perfect addition to any pool, pond or fountain.  

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