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Dental Technician Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Set

Dental Technician Tungsten Steel Grinding Head Set

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Dental tungsten steel grinding head Metal drilling special Carbide rotary boring Dental grinding head


Unit: support

Shape: Cylindrical, cylindrical ball head shape, spherical shape, elliptical shape, curved round head, curved tip, conical dome shape, inverted cone round head shape, etc.

Model: L02311GX, D050GX, D060GX, C060GX, CN060GX, L040GX, L045GX, etc.

Head diameter: 1.6mm / 2.3mm / 3.0mm / 4.0mm / 4.5mm / 5.0mm / 6.0mm

Head shape: cylindrical code A shape, cylindrical ball head code C, round ball code D, ellipse code E, curved round head F, curved tip G

The torch shape is H, the conical dome shape is L, the conical tip is M, the inverted cone is N, the conical flat shape is S, and the circular disc is T

Handle diameter: 2.35mm

Length: 44.5mm


Packing: 10 pieces/box (one type or model of each box or mixed) can be combined according to the size chart inside the product picture.

Length: 44.5mm

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