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Chest Care Essential Oil Care Essential Oil 10ML

Chest Care Essential Oil Care Essential Oil 10ML

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Essential oil use precautions
1. It is best to avoid using essential oils for massage or bathing in the first few months of pregnancy.

2. If the skin or body is sensitive, please conduct a sensitive test before use.
3, in addition to a small part of essential oils, such as lavender, tea trees, etc. can be directly applied to the skin, most of the other essential oils for body skin, must be diluted or blended with the base oil before use, unless there are other special recommendations.
4. Do not expose to the sun within four hours after using citrus essential oils (such as bergamot, lemon, etc.) on your skin.
5, essential oils can not replace drugs. Therefore, if the symptoms do not improve after use, be sure to see a doctor and do not give up the drugs that were already in use because of the use of essential oils.
6. Patients with high and low blood pressure, epilepsy, neurological and renal diseases should be used with caution. It is best to consult an aroma therapist before use.
7. Please use according to the recommended amount. Excessive use can cause adverse effects and even impose an excessive burden on the body.

8. Please avoid direct contact with children to avoid danger due to misuse.
9. Avoid using plastic, easy-to-dissolve or oil-colored surfaces. When diluting essential oils, use glass, stainless steel or ceramics.
10. Essential oils should not be taken orally, unless instructed by an aroma therapist or physician.
One more thing to remind is
The same kind of essential oil is best not to be used every day, several different essential oils are used alternately, it is best to change once every two weeks.


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