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Beach dispensing anti-slip socks

Beach dispensing anti-slip socks

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Material: HPPE high strength polyethylene + elastic
Size: Free Size (Because socks have elastic components, they are very flexible and can be applied to both men and women.)
Size: 28cm*10cm (error 0.5cm)
Applicable scene: outdoor beach socks, diving socks, hiking socks, walking, running, etc.
Five-toe separate design, more ergonomic, more comfortable, prevent athlete's foot
High-strength polyethylene material can effectively block the damage of the knife and sword.
The combination of super elastic rubber bands makes the socks elastic and can be applied to different sizes of feet.
Gray material, both men and women can wear
Followed by a three-dimensional design, highlighting the contours of the footsteps, preventing roots
Four-color elastic Luokou, to prevent socks from slipping, more fashionable and generous

The soles of the feet add non-slip environmentally friendly silica gel particles, which are anti-wear and anti-scratch, allowing the soles to relax and better participate in sports.SYXA573AB(7)SYXA573AB(3)SYXA573AB(4)SYXA573AB(5)SYXA573AB(8)SYXA573AB(9)  

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