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2 pieces Solar panel Swimming pool heating

2 pieces Solar panel Swimming pool heating

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These solar panels collect solar radiation, converts it into heat and help keep the pool water at a comfortable temperature. The pool water is transported through the channels and returns to the pool at a higher temperature. The panels are compatible with most pool pumps, and can be mounted on the roof or screen, or simply placed on the floor next to the pool. The shipping package includes: 2 x panels, 4 x sealants, 8 x clamps, 4 x hose connectors. Solar panel size: 620 x 75 cm (length x width) The delivery package includes: 2 x 4 x sealing panels clamp 4 x 8 x hose connectors (2 x 38/30 mm diameter) Material: Polyethylene 100% ; with these solar panels to heat the pool water can pool easily and profitably. The device increase the water temperature up to 10 ° C  

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