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JAPARA Cleopatra Story Perfume Oil

JAPARA Cleopatra Story Perfume Oil

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The mysterious history of gentle scent that passionately attracts all individuals

with its irresistible magic, the revealing secret that Cleopatra used to keep Caesar at bay.

The most precious fragrance That adds a nice scent to you
Looks elegant, sexy and attractive.
The collection's # 1 most popular fragrance.
A scent that everyone wants to add to their charm
It is not easy to create a good personality.

But Japara perfume oil will add charm to you.
JAPARA Perfume oil, perfume oil imported from Egypt. Outstanding with a unique identity
Just 1 drop, the surrounding people even fell into a trance. Because with charm and spell
- Does not contain alcohol
- 100% pure oil, every drop is extracted with care
- Long-lasting scent 10-12 hours

- 8ml/ box

- Product of Thailand

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