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Lavender Helps Sleeping Soul Sleep Cream Good Dream Oil God

Lavender Helps Sleeping Soul Sleep Cream Good Dream Oil God

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Size: diameter about 4CM, height about 1.5CM 

 Characteristic efficacy 

● Relax and help you fall asleep naturally 

 product description   

 A clear scented paste helps calm your mind and clear mind, making sleep come naturally. It is safe without drugs or toxicity. (This product is not a sleeping drug and does not have a lethargy effect. It relies on the unique odor of various herbs to soothe your nerves and let you fall asleep naturally, so the effect is Depending on the environment and your current state of affairs) Sleep cream won't make you sleepy: multi-component essential oils help calm your mind and your mind is clear, then you naturally fall asleep. Rosemary is a clear, confident, and memorable way of thinking. Bergamot is spirited, ginger, is enhanced and confidence-inducing. Balsam fir is fresh, just like walking in the woods, while lavender is a traditional sleeping herb: fresh and relaxing. Suitable for people who are insomnia, stressed, unable to sleep, and excited people. Instructions Apply a proper amount to the nose, lips, and other acupuncture points (the temples, shoulders, elbows, etc.). Aromatherapy soothes and relaxes, allowing you to relax and transition to a natural state of sleep. Try to apply it where the blood is flowing, which is more effective.

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